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Adult sex meet in ghana

It would be a mistake to overlook the importance of this chance to get to know someone.Cutting the greetings and small talk short can be seen as rude or dismissive.Pointing to or handing over an object with the left hand is also frowned upon.Greeting someone of higher status with the left hand is considered very disrespectful.If a foreigner wants to make a good impression, it is advisable to learn one or two greetings in the local language.Learn one local greeting; you may not get the pronunciation right, but just make the attempt. Ghanaians have a keen sense of humour and enjoy telling jokes.Both hands placed on the head are a sign of grief, sorrow and mourning. As such, you are not supposed to eat with your left hand.Most people learn this at a very tender age (sometimes painfully).

Learning to accept and adapt to this cultural style is imperative in assimilating and endearing yourself to your Ghanaian colleagues and friends.Making direct eye contact with such persons shows disrespect.Ghanaians use a lot of hand and body gestures when communicating.Greetings accompanied by a handshake are common and are extremely important in Ghanaian society.Greetings are a sign of acknowledgement, respect and concern for others.

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