Benefits of dating a tall guy appleseed ex machina dublado online dating

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Benefits of dating a tall guy

I only knew my hair looked like sh*t, was dry as the Sahara, and almost cut my cheeks at night because it was so hard. There’s something magical about a woman who walks proudly in the street with this big, voluminous, “do-you-have-something-to-say? She couldn’t care less about what products or beauty ideal the magazines are trying to sell her. I definitely wasn’t the tallest girl in the runway shows, and wearing heels seemed to be normal for all these giant beautiful girls so I started to think being tall wasn’t that of a curse.

The only thing that mattered to me by then was that it was straight and manageable. It still felt weird sometimes and I was having a hard time understanding what I was doing amongst the models, and I still had to work on myself a lot to stop focusing on what shorter people had to say about me all the time, but eventually it did help.

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I wanted their hair, I used to think they were the lucky ones. I simply couldn’t see my hair like a strength, a quality, something nice that made me special. I tried to convince myself that straightening my hair made me part of the straight haired girls gang, glamorous and all, when I actually looked more like an old and worn out broom. That’s what I like to share through my comics, because again I know I’m not the only one going through this.

You know when you have this adorable palm tree look, with the hair going up a little bit before falling back down like polluted waterfalls. But it was winter, it was cold outside and snowing, and I just didn’t feel like going out of the house. Months later I had to cut the relaxed part of my hair, which I did. I thought so many times going back to relaxing you have no idea (or you do ). Looking for the truth everywhere I now believe everything happens for a reason. That’s where I’m at, so I’m able to laugh about everything that makes a curly and/or tall girl life’s sometimes irritating, and so that’s how and why I draw my lil comics …..

I had homework to do – homework that I loved because it was drawing homework – so suddenly I thought “Oh screw it. I ended up curled up in my bathroom crying because as I’m tall, the little fro I had around my head made me look like a giant microphone. I didn’t have a clue about how to comb it, style it, wash it or take care of it.

I must admit I didn’t really see the connection between kinks being in or not and the fact that curly/kinky hair is very difficult to manage and sometimes complicated to deal with.

In other words : that I should stop complaining about it.

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