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Under the plan, she was not allowed to be alone with him.Although the plan is no longer in place, there is still a social worker assigned to her son's case, which will likely remain open for several months, she said."They took the wrong precautions with the situation, and that's why my son got hurt," the mother said of the police and hospital staff. " Perhaps plainclothes officers, instead of those in uniform, should have been sent in to assess the situation, Couper said.Perhaps officers should have taken a wait-and-see approach, following Hendricks to the parking lot instead of attempting to arrest him inside the hospital.As police questioned Hendricks, he grew increasingly nervous, according to a criminal complaint charging Hendricks with multiple felonies, including physical abuse of a child, due to the baby's head injury.Hendricks, who was holding the baby, repeatedly asked Milwaukee Police Officer Alexis Acosta to take the child, the complaint says.

They also told her the state would take custody of her son unless she said she knew Hendricks had a gun, she said.Police initially went to the hospital because they got a call from a woman worried that the baby's father, a wanted felon who was possibly armed, might harm the mother or the baby, according to a law enforcement source and dispatch records obtained by the Journal Sentinel.They didn't anticipate a violent confrontation. During the phone call, which came from a home on the northwest side, the tipster told police she was concerned because Hendricks had a history of mistreating the mother and baby, according to a law enforcement source.21 stated that while officers were subduing Hendricks, a nurse found the infant lying face up on the floor, about three to four feet from the futon where Hendricks had been holding him.A scan showed the infant had suffered a skull fracture consistent with a short fall, according to the complaint. It was totally wrong." She's not the only one who has questioned the police response.

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