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The attack surprised all and Ruthin was ravaged and burnt.The Castle managed to hold out, but the Welsh rebel was not to be done out of his vengeance.

Just looking for people to talk to/meet - no expectations.

I love food and music and books and road trips and adventure and whisky and long walks and relaxing nights in. My life is pretty fantastic as it is however I would like to find someone to share it with I adore animals and any potential friends would have to share my love as my animal family is growing I'd like to meet people to travel with as I am now in a position where I can travel however most of my friends are cosy in relationships.

I will try just about anything once and although it pains me to type this profile, I'm really looking forward to good things! This is something brand-new and I'm considering taking a course to get me started.

Some two years later he defeated and English force at Vyrnwy and captured Lord Gray, imprisoning him at Dolbadarn Castle and releasing him on payment of a ransom of 10,000 marks.

The Civil War saw Ruthin Castle resisting attack by Parliamentary forces, who returned to besiege it two years later in 1646 when the Royalist garrison surrendered to Major-General Mytton and the castle was destroyed by order of Parliament. Some other areas of note in Ruthin are: Pendref Chapel.

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Consisting of a pair of main gates between elaborate piers, with smaller side gates, the whole topped by much decorative scrollwork, they were restored in 1928.

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