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Temperatures at the hot spring are said to reach around 90 degrees Celsius.

The Adelaide man had been touring the area in a convoy of 4WD vehicles with friends, who conducted textbook First Aid and quickly raised an alert by activating an emergency beacon.

The first RFDS team to respond was a Port Augusta crew already flying in the region to deliver a regular fly-in GP health clinic.

The aircraft diverted and the RFDS Doctor and Nurse attended to the patient, who was in a critical condition.

None of this is easy unless you know how to see in a certain way.“The further along you get in your training, the better you are at picking up little subtleties,” says Jonathan Kanevsky, a plastic surgeon at the Mc Gill University Health Center in Montreal.

“But every physician is limited by the number of cases they’ve seen in their lifetime.”Artificial intelligence could change all that.

Supervised learning requires giving a computer feedback, confirming when it’s right, tagging and cataloguing images, and “training the algorithm so it can say, ‘This is a wound that looks like it will heal,’” as Kanevsky puts it.

“Burns are tricky,” he says, and for a number of reasons.

For example, the deep-learning startup Enlitic boasts an algorithm that’s 50 percent more accurate than human radiologists at detecting lung cancer, according to the company.

In other settings, machines have proved to be at least as good as human doctors at crucial tasks.

The Spiegel Burn Foundation’s primary advocacy efforts are directed to helping others with similar burn injuries, take that first step in their healing journey.

World Burn Congress is an annual international event of the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors that brings together more than 650 burn survivors, their families, caregivers, burn care professionals, and firefighters.

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Algorithms can already determine how deep a burn is—and accurately predict how long it will take for a burn to heal..