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Bank robber Roy Buchanan is accidentally arrested, but when he is liberated, he not only has Walker and Trivette on his heels, but a homicidal bounty hunter by the name of Boone Waxwell. Trivette is up the river—and in very hot water—when he goes undercover in prison and finds himself trapped with other convicts during a brutal escape attempt while a hurricane is going on.Then Walker races to prevent Waxwell from murdering Roy's brother Ned when it is discovered he was unwittingly involved. Now Walker must find Trivette before he is exposed. To protect himself, Kilmer abducts Billy's wife Frances (Marsha Dietlein) and son Billy Jr.Walker's new partner, Ranger James Trivette (Clarence Gilyard), has a history with one of the suspects in the robbery. Alex Cahill is trying to prosecute cop killer Benny Carl Devlin (Ray Lykins), she gets a veiled threat from former Cuervo County sheriff Dewey Baker (Leon Rippy) -- the first person she ever put away.Trying to solve the case, Walker discovers that the robbery could have been a test for a much bigger goal: simultaneously robbing four banks lying next to each other. Alex had put Baker away because he routinely beat up suspects, and he terrorized anyone who complained about it.

When the powerful Yakuza director, Mitsua Usagi (Danny Kamekona) is killed in Tokyo by Congressman Leo Cabe's assistant, Karl Jaeker (John S.

Meanwhile, Trivette finds himself taking care of a dog named "Old Blue" after he and Walker save it from drowning after the hound was thrown into a lake. Meanwhile, Evie (Kim Myers), a young woman who works in the Ranger Office falls in love with a man named Tommy Williams, who unbeknownst to her, is actually the renegade vigilante Walker's looking for.

Before a condemned man's execution, Walker finds new evidence that may clear the man's name.

Davies), the Yakuza follows Cabe (Andrew Robinson) back to the States, and East meets the Wild West when Walker and Trivette are sent to protect Cabe.

However, Cabe might be lying about his relations with the Yakuza.

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Walker's cousin, David "Little Eagle" Jackson, returns to the reservation after studying medicine to find that many do not like him, including his girlfriend's father (a member of the reservation's tribal council), whose murder he soon witnesses.