Homebody dating sites

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Homebody dating sites

Recently the couple got in a fight while at a bar with friends because Leigh Ann wanted to buy a round of shots for the group."We had a big discussion about whether I could buy the shots or not," says Leigh Ann.Even though Jason and Leigh Ann think their situation will improve once their schedules are more similar, Epstein warns against simply waiting for things to get better: "Characteristics such as values and preferences generally don't change much over time," says Epstein.The good news: "It doesn't mean that they're incompatible," he says.It's a cliché for a reason: Opposites do attract, and that's certainly the case for Leigh Ann and Jason Rollins.The Atlanta couple, who got married in October, were social animals of very different stripes when they started dating in college four years ago.They can also hang out with a smaller group of Leigh Ann's friends or invite them over for dinner, so Jason can get to know them in a setting that suits him.Another option: working in more date nights, so they get to have time alone and be out of the house.

Since Jason is reluctant to go out with a group he doesn't know well, he can make a deal with Leigh Ann: out with her crowd one night, out with his work friends the next."That's the type of social setting where I don't do so well," he admits.Leigh Ann will often go home after work, "because it's more important to me to spend what little time we have together than to go out," she says. With house payments, Leigh Ann's nursing school tuition and a new car (Jason's old one, which was fully paid off, recently "crapped out"), the couple has less disposable income these days."I love to go out, especially on Saturday nights," says Leigh Ann."That's the end of my workweek, and I want to go to a bar." Jason, meanwhile, wishes Leigh Ann would have more sympathy for how he wants to spend his free time.

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Back then, career-oriented Jason spent most of his free time studying in his dorm room, while Leigh Ann would go out with friends. Jason, 24, works a 9-to-5 job in public relations and likes relaxing at home.

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