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"The Christians feel like they have no hope of getting back and they are intimidated by the Iranian militias in their towns and they sell out.""[Christians] are losing heart," Shea added."They are on the brink of extinction and they are seeing Iran move in."In an op-ed published by Fox News earlier this month, Shea warned that Iran opened up a school in the Christian town of Bartella named after Ayatollah Khomeini."Tehran also completed a mosque and library there.Donald Trump's administration recently declared that Iran was complying with its nuclear agreement with world powers, but warned that Tehran was not following the spirit of the accord and that Washington would look for ways to strengthen it.

Tehran has supplied aid to the Assad regime and dispatched to the battlefront fighters from its elite Revolutionary Guards and Shiite proxy militias.Years of mutual animosity had eased when Washington lifted sanctions on Tehran last year as part of a deal to curb Iran's nuclear ambitions.But serious differences remain over Iran's ballistic missile program and conflicts in Syria and Iraq.This is the moment a US Navy patrol boat fired off a series of warning shots at an Iranian naval ship.The dramatic incident took place about 3am local time on Tuesday morning, and involved the USS Thunderbolt.

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