Is junhyung still dating hara scuola di falegnameria online dating

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Is junhyung still dating hara

Recently, there were rumors that the two had some trouble in there relationship but that they were still dating.Starting in June of 2011, many pictures of the two dating were captured and their agencies asked everyone to support their relationship.Even up until last year, the two were seen as being like any other couple.Goo Hara gave Yong Junhyung a cat for his birthday last December as well.

Every time rumors that they were breaking up happened, the two would always state that they were still on good terms.DSP Media reps commented, "Due to their busy schedules and KARA's stay in Japan for their promotions, their meetings have become scarce, and eventually they drifted apart...They decided to remain as good friends in the music industry.""Hara and Junhyung have ended their relationship, which they've maintained since June of 2011, and have decided to remain as good sunbae-hoobae in the music industry, and oppa-dongseng.I wish I were in love like them.” (junhara/en.korea)• KARA’s Goo Hara Gifts B2ST’s Yong Jun Hyung With a Kitten (junhara/allkpop/netizenbuzz)• Yoseob talked a bit about Jun Hara on ‘Beatles Code’ (junhara)• MBLAQ Seungho, “Yong Junhyung•Goo Hara are doing well” (junhara/karaholic forums) - Break up (2014/03/27): • Cube Entertainment and DSP Media confirm break up of Junhyung and Hara couple (allkpop) ~x~ Articles: • [Early 2012] When Dispatch wrote an article about Hara’s car, they added an interesting point: “[…]she rides her car rather than going with her manager on ben.Otherwise, when she meet her bf Yong Junhyung, she doesnt use her car. […]” (haradaily)• [March, 2013] “Even while filming Monstar, Junhyung and Hara talk to each other on the phone and they have a friendly conversation.

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(Post)♡ On Golden Disk Awards, on January 19th, KARA and BEAST received the Bonsang Award together!

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