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“Why would you tell me he was cheating on me to only find out from him that you were the one with Tessa? ” She came to a stop, glaring at Sophie’s naked form as she awaited an answer. I just wanted you both to be here and for you to lighten up and enjoy yourself.

I knew I couldn’t make that happen unless you had a reason for it. I just didn’t foresee things getting out of hand the way they did. I was hoping that would’ve been reserved for you, but alas, here we are,” she finished, gesturing to the three naked forms in the same room. You ruined my marriage with a great man because of all ” Charlotte responded with the same gesture.

My mind focused on the site as I brought up a helpful post about dog sex. There were no sexually transmitted diseases between dogs and people, so that calmed me a bit. He paused for a moment, his paws tightening around my hips as his back legs tried to climb up on me.

I heard the clicking of paws on my tile floors and looked up as a doggy head nosed it’s way into my room. All my life any time animal sex was mentioned it was in the negative. He scratched my thighs, and I winced, but he was already pressing a few inches into me. I panted, moaning as he thrust more of himself into me, his cock growing inside me as he shoved deeper into me, humping and thrusting away like crazy.

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“I could’ve been convinced without the fucking I received tonight as good as it was.” By now the anger was subsiding, quickly replaced with guilt.

“All of this was unnecessary,” she finished with a whisper.

I yelped, jumping away and into the wall, which I bounced off of and in my attempt not to fall down pulled a jacket off the hook next to my door. I sat on the floor panting and staring at the happy mutt before me. He had long silky golden fur that was toasted a darker coloring by his genes. I was playing the “Let’s have sex with Karen” game. My heart raced, my face flushed and my skin feeling too hot. He would walk after me, stopping to sniff me and wag his tail. My panties were already wet with my excitement from how close I was to already accomplishing my goal. I bit my lower lip, relishing the moment and closing my eyes as I felt the tug of lust deep in my belly. He humped me sideways, his cock jabbing against the back of my thigh. My knees hurt from the cold tile, but I didn’t care. That was not nearly as important as the dog standing behind me. Information was failing me as my mind went fuzzy, the cloud of lust making my body buzz as each nerve flickered and fizzled with electricity and life.

I held my breath, scooping half the can into a bowl and shivering. I tried to quell the lust nagging at me, dragging my hand away from silky fur as I literally ran to turn my computer on. The lowered position helped as he sunk his front legs around my waist, humping at my ass.

In no time I was searching a forum site I had found a long time ago by an ex boyfriend. I reached around as best I could, feeling the sharp pokes of his cock around my pussy. They said it was easier with a partner, someone perhaps experienced so they could guide the dog into you. I had thought about it, but there was no one I knew who I would ask to do something like this.

“I, um, well, yeah…” he stammered, turning bright red.

“Henry let me know thinking I would be pissed, but it was a rather major turn on…” he trailed off, his cock appearing to grow in size from the thought of his wife fucking another woman.“What the fuck is going on?

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The only oddity that disturbed his dark golden fur was the creamy white that touched his back toes and his underbelly, running up his chest to disappear on his throat. I’d feel ridiculous if I got naked just to have Jackson sniff at me and then walk off to lick his balls and ignore me. Tingles ran through my lower belly, zapping along my pussy as I wagged my butt again before crawling away. His chest would bump my ass and I’d lean back, bumping him and then crawling forward a bit again. He tried to mount me a few times, getting frustrated as he failed to wrap his paws around my hips. I crawled around some more, a sweatshirt, shirt, bra, and panties my only articles of clothing. Wetness trailed lightly across my skin like a snail trail. He wandered after me, his nose pressing against my pussy and sniffing deeply. His tongue was on me again, licking my wet lips and making me squirm. I lowered my face to the floor, reaching back with one hands to stroke my slit.

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