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You need to follow some steps to ask refund or request for repair before the expiry of warranty.First of all you need to call the Motorola customer care helpline number which stands itself to answer all your questions at any time in a day or night.That means that a person can commit a rather violent crime, and often plea bargain it down to a misdemeanor. Note that I am not arguing in favor of taking guns away from such people.Instead, I am saying that if the supposed goal of the federal law is to keep violent criminals from having guns, then that supposed purpose is not served, since those convicted of violent misdemeanors can still possess guns.Get complete details of your Motorola phone and step by step setup guide over the phone by calling the Motorola technical support number.Motorola customer care Helpline number:- The company will repair or fix the new accessory as long as the phone is under warranty, Also Motorola will return the total amount if you have received piece with defects that too within 30 days from date of purchase.Note: I am in no way condoning the commission of felonies.

Given that fact, the question becomes whether banning all felons from ever having a gun again is reasonably related to preventing crime – and I’m compelled to answer that question in the negative.Motorola Customer care contact number:- As a valuable customer, you have the right to contact Motorola customer care contact number which assists to resolve all your Smartphone related concerns at the earliest time.Motorola mobiles come with extensive warranty which starts from the date of purchase, request for replacement if your phone hangs up for no reason when you are working on important task.The Gun Control Act of 1968, a US Federal statute, prohibits convicted felons from possessing firearms. I, however, have reached the conclusion that such blanket prohibition on gun ownership by felons is not reasonable. Most of the people I’ve discussed this with are of the opinion that convicted felons should not be allowed to own guns.

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