Only naked video chat

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Only naked video chat

Right from the get-go, see hundreds of amazing models performing LIVE from our homepage. You’ll receive a confirmation email instantly with a unique password. Once registered, you can start chatting with all the models in their rooms and follow your favorite ones.

Browse or filter with our tags to match your tastes. Next, please verify your email and Complete Registration - it takes 2 seconds. Now that you’ve joined the Stripchat community, here are some cool things you can do as a Grey (Free) User: Before you start chatting and interacting with the models there are a few things you should know.

Get a model pleasured and turned on by you when you tip them!

It’s definitely a fun and stimulating sensation to know you’re pleasuring her in the chatroom.

Allows visitors to initiate conversations and communicate with each other.

Omegle is a site that offers as much security as possible; if you connect like to chat to someone else, as long as he does not know who is will be hidden.

You’ll meet some extremely talented models on Stripchat and they’re happy to please your naughty requests. Just be aware, that your private session is open to Spies, but don’t fret. If a model is already in a Private Show with a user, you can spy on the fun.

That’s what you’re really showing when your tokens.

Then, just pick the gratuity you wish to tip the model, and they’ll be immediately notified. Because you’re just a ‘spy’, you will not be able to chat with the model, as she is entertaining the user who took her to Private. Cam2Cam is a very special private show, where Users have the option to turn on their webcam and microphone, so the model can see and hear you. Because of this highly confidential session, no other users are allowed to Spy.

You now can access some pretty sexy content uploaded by Stripchat models with your tokens or if models grant access to their friends and registered users.

From this point on, your account name will go from grey to green .

Green User features: To become a Gold User, all you need to do is to subscribe. Just click on the Buy Tokens button, and select Gold Membership.

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Tipping the model is a way you can show your ‘thank you’ for everything they're doing for you.

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