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The goal of the legislation was to make prostitution a profession like that of a bank teller or dental assistant, accepted instead of ostracized.

The female propagandists of the autonomous sex trade were very pleased with themselves when the law was passed.

The pimps told the girls exactly what to tell the police.

They should say that they were surfing the web back home in Bulgaria or Romania and discovered that it was possible to make good money by working in a German brothel.

In 2001, German parliament, the Bundestag, with the votes of the Social Democratic Party/Green Party governing coalition in power at the time, passed a prostitution law intended to improve working conditions for prostitutes.

Under the new law, women could sue for their wages and contribute to health, unemployment and pension insurance programs.

That's the 'respectable whore' image politicians seem in thrall of: free to do as they like, covered under the social insurance system, doing work they enjoy and holding an account at the local savings bank.

Social scientists have a name for them: "migrant sex workers," ambitious service providers who are taking advantage of opportunities they now enjoy in an increasingly unified Europe.

Web of Lies It seems likely that every law enforcement officer who works in a red-light environment hears this same web of lies over and over again.Then Family Minister Christine Bergmann (SPD) was seen raising a glass of champagne with Kerstin Müller, Green Party parliamentary floor leader at the time, next to Berlin brothel operator Felicitas Weigmann, now Felicitas Schirow.They were three women toasting the fact that men in Germany could now go to brothels without any scruples.She shared a bed in a sleeping room with three other women. All she saw of Germany was the Esso gas station around the corner, where she was allowed to go to buy cigarettes and snacks, but only in the company of a guard.The rest of the time, says Alina, she was kept locked up in the club.

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She learned that a prostitute could easily earn €900 ($1,170) a month there. In the summer of 2009, she and her friend got into the boyfriend's car and drove through Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic until they reached the German capital -- not the trendy Mitte neighborhood in the heart of the city, but near Schönefeld airport, where the name of the establishment alone said something about the owner: Airport Muschis ("Airport Pussies"). For €100 ($129), a customer could have sex for as long and as often as he wanted. There were other Romanians there who knew the man who had brought them there.