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Sex on-line-poker onlinetournament

"I want to gamble the right way," Lindgren said at the time. You sit down with strangers, and you try to learn as much as you can about them, the way you might on a first date. You can almost forget how sweetly they are lying to you, and how quickly they are trying to take every cent you have. They're playing Event 37: Limit Hold'em (,000 buy-in) in the back corner of the Amazon ballroom, next to the roped-off area for the featured tables they show so often on TV.

After his win, and the 6,317 payday, he talked about his family. He shows up five minutes after the cards are in the air, wearing a James Dean T-shirt and a gray hoodie pulled over his head.

It was for 0,000." This is terrible dealer etiquette. I swear.) In 2003, he bought into an online tournament for *.

" George says, dealing the cards, never looking up. Except it wasn't for 50 bucks like you guys are playing for. (If you haven't followed poker all this time: That's his real name.

According to the casino, some strange things happened when Ivey played.

His partner asked the dealer to turn some of the face-down cards 180 degrees, saying it was a superstition. I wondered if ESPN would bring this up if Ivey made a run in the Main Event.

Ivey and a woman showed up at a casino called Crockford's to play punto banco, a variation of baccarat.

The hardest ones to stop believing are the ones you tell yourself.

The year Moneymaker won, 839 people played the main event. By 2006 there were 8,773 players cramming the Rio, jacking the prize pool so high that champion Jamie Gold (another amateur, a B-list TV producer) won .

More broadly, they apply EV to larger questions: How many tables should I play at the same time online? With six players at each table instead of the usual nine, players are rewarded for taking more chances.

Khoury brought a high EV into this event -- he specializes in short-handed online.

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This year, there are 62 events in all, spread over 50 days from the end of May through mid-July. economy nearly tanked a few years ago, we all discovered an astonishing thing about many people who worked at the highest levels of American finance: They had no idea what they were doing. He dropped out of NC State after a friend showed him you could make more playing poker online than you could in a regular job. So many online pros did the same that a company called Poker Refugees formed to relocate them to countries where online poker was legal.

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