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This establishment had been founded in 1681 in the ancient suburb of Marruecos as a reorganization of the famous _Escuela de Mareantes_ (navigators) of Triana.

The Government bore the cost of maintenance and instruction of the pupils of this school, to which were admitted only poor and orphaned boys of noble extraction. Indeed, his family, which had come to Seville at the close of the sixteenth century or at the beginning of the seventeenth century, from Flanders, was one of the most distinguished of the town.

Golden insects with wings of light, whose buzzing lulls to sleep on heated afternoons, should come and hover round their chalices, and one would be obliged to draw aside the leafy curtain to read my name, now blurred by time and moisture. The time had not yet come when, in bitterness of spirit, and wrapping his mantle about him against the chill wind of indifference, he should say: "To-day my sole ambition is to be a supernumerary in the vast human comedy, and when my silent role is ended, to withdraw behind the scenes, neither hissed nor applauded, making my exit unnoticed."[1] [Footnote 1: _Obras_, vol. 251.] Indeed, in those later days of trial and hardship, he would often look out wearily upon Madrid, the city of his adoption, the scene of his crushing struggle with necessity, as it lay outspread before his windows,--"dirty, black, and ugly as a fleshless skeleton, shivering under its immense shroud of snow,"[1] and in his mind he would conjure up the city of his youth, his ever cherished Seville, "with her _Giralda_ of lacework, mirrored in the trembling Guadalquivir, with her narrow and tortuous Moorish streets, in which one fancies still he hears the strange cracking sound of the walk of the Justiciary King; Seville, with her barred windows and her love-songs, her iron door-screens and her night watchmen, her altar-pieces and her stories, her brawls and her music, her tranquil nights and her fiery afternoons, her rosy dawns and her blue twilights; Seville, with all the traditions that twenty centuries have heaped upon her brow, with all the pomp and splendor of her southern nature."[2] No words of praise seemed too glowing for her ardent lover. You may wander through the city's many churches, but no tomb to the illustrious poet will you find, no monument in any square.

His body sleeps well-nigh forgotten in the cemetery of San Nicolas in Madrid. transparentar, to cause to shine through; to disclose; _refl._, to be (_or_ become) transparent; to shine.

The latter married Don Julian Dominguez, by whom she had a son Don Antonio Dominguez y Becquer, who in turn contracted marriage with Dona Maria Antonia Insausti y Bausa. Jose Gestoso y Perez, in _La Ilustracion Artistica_, pp. of_ torcer, turned, twisted, crooked, tortuous, winding. tormentoso, -a, stormy, storm-tossed, tempestuous tornar, to return; -- a ... again; -- a aparecer, to reappear; -- a decir, to repeat. torno, _m._, turn, circumference; en -de, about, around; en -- suyo, about him; en --, round about.

Their son was Don Jose Dominguez Insausti y Bausa, husband of Dona Joaquina Bastida y Vargas, and father of the poet Becquer." The arms of the family "were a shield of azure with a chevron of gold, charged with five stars of azure, two leaves of clover in gold in the upper corners of the shield, and in the point a crown of gold." The language of the original is not technical, and I have translated literally. 363-366.] Among the students of San Telmo there was one, Narciso Campillo, for whom Gustavo felt a special friendship,--a lad whose literary tastes, like his own, had developed early, and who was destined, later on, to occupy no mean position in the field of letters.

The Life of Becquer, though concise, is perhaps the most complete that has yet been published, for it embodies all the data given by previous biographers and a certain number of facts gathered by the writer at the time of his last visit to Spain (in 1905-1906), from friends of Becquer who were then living. It is his pleasure also to convey his thanks to Professor George L. Their leaves produce a soft and pleasing murmur as the wind stirs them and causes them to appear now silver, now green, according to the point from which it blows. trazar, to form, plan; mal trazado, of evil appearance.

The vocabulary has been made sufficiently complete to free the notes from that too frequent translation of words or phrases which often encumbers them. Burr of Cornell University for aid in certain of the historical notes, and most especially to gratefully acknowledge his indebtedness to the aid, or rather collaboration, of Mr. A willow bathes its roots in the current of the stream, toward which it leans as though bowed by an invisible weight, and all about are multitudes of reeds and yellow lilies, such as grow spontaneously at the edges of springs and streams.

And when some time had passed, and patches of moss had begun to spread over the stone, a dense growth of wild morning-glories, of those blue morning-glories with a disk of carmine in the center, which I loved so much, should grow up by its side, twining through its crevices and clothing it with their broad transparent leaves, which, by I know not what mystery, have the form of hearts. He knew nothing of the cold, prosaic world of selfish interests. You may search "the bank of the Guadalquivir that leads to the ruined convent of San Jeronimo," you may spy among the silvery poplars or the willows growing there, you may thrust aside the reeds and yellow lilies or the tangled growth of morning-glories, but all in vain--no "white stone with a cross" appears. Gustavo was but nine and a half years old at the time of his mother's death. Juan Vargas, took charge of the motherless boys until they could find homes or employment. traer, to draw, attract, carry, bring, take, lead, bear, wear; -- a la memoria, to bring to memory; to remind; el cual traia una jornada de catorce leguas en el cuerpo, who had made that day a journey of fourteen leagues. [Footnote 1: The following is a copy of his baptismal record: "En jueves 25 de Febrero de 1836 anos D. con licencia del infrascrito Cura de la Parroquial de Sn. tradicional, traditional, legendary, of legendary origin. Becquer's poetry is no less pleasing than his prose, and not much more difficult to read. CONTENTS INTRODUCTION LIFE OF BECQUER UNPUBLISHED LETTER OF BECQUER BIBLIOGRAPHICAL NOTE SPANISH PROSODY DESDE MI CELDA--CARTA SEXTA LOS OJOS VERDES LA CORZA BLANCA LA AJORCA DEL ORO EL CRISTO DE LA CALAVERA EL BESO MAESE PEREZ EL ORGANISTA LA CRUZ DEL DIABLO CREED EN DROS LAS HOJAS SECAS RIMAS VOCABULARY INTRODUCTION LIFE OF BECQUER "In Seville, along the Guadalquivir, and close to the bank that leads to the convent of San Jeronimo, may be found a kind of lagoon, which fertilizes a miniature valley formed by the natural slope of the bank, at that point very high and steep. trasplantar, to transplant; _refl._, to be transplanted; to migrate. tratar, to treat, deal, try; -- de, to treat as, consider; _refl._, to treat, be a question (_or_ matter), be concerned. With the aid of the ample treatise on Spanish versification contained in the introduction, the student will be enabled to appreciate the harmony and rhythm of Becquer's verse, and in all subsequent reading of Spanish poetry he will find this treatise a convenient and valuable work of reference. Price of the High School of Commerce, New York City. Two or three leafy white poplars, intertwining their branches, protect the spot from the rays of the sun, which rarely succeeds in slipping through them. traves, _m._, obliquity, bias; a -- (_or_ al) de, across, through, between.

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Maura] LEGENDS, TALES AND POEMS BY GUSTAVO ADOLFO BECQUER EDITED WITH INTRODUCTION, NOTES AND VOCABULARY BY EVERETT WARD OLMSTED, PH. ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF THE ROMANCE LANGUAGES IN CORNELL UNIVERSITY * * * * * TO MY MOTHER * * * * * PREFACE In preparing this collection of Becquer's legends, tales, and short poems, which is the only annotated edition of this author's works that has been published as yet for English-speaking students, the editor has aimed to give to our schools and colleges a book that may serve, not only as a reader for first or second year classes, but also as an introduction to Spanish literature, through the works of one of the most original and charming authors of the Spanish Romantic school. trenza, _f._, braid (of hair), hair; _pl._, braids, braided hair.