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What is validating data

The TIME formula in this example uses the current time as an end time, so all entries have to be before the current time: =TIME(HOUR(NOW()), MINUTE(NOW()), SECOND(NOW())) If you allow Text length, you can set or exclude a range of lengths, or specify a minimum number or maximum length.Create a drop down list of items in a cell, with Excel's Data Validation feature.

Type conversion errors are serious and they are justified to be raising exceptions.

This will make data entry easier, and reduce input errors and typing mistakes.

Video tutorials and step by step instructions are below In this tutorial, you'll see how to create a drop down list of choices in a cell, like the list of employee names shown below.

First of all, we need to decide where the validation logic's implementation resedes.

Should it be completely decoupled from the business object or not?

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With the following formula, the date range will automatically adjust, based on the current date.